I See Red People

31 Mar

The Template.

Pick a problem.
Like say Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen.

Obscure the problem.
Like say, the fact (still unconvinced but..for the sake of argument) that Obama was born here, with phonied birth certificates and clandestine visits to birth records in London, (Kenya was a subject of England…on and on)..

Throw gas on the fire..
yer a racist

While all the time, the real object is that
Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen

Because where is not as important as who…
Who are your parents?
A girl not of age per statute,
aaaaand a Kenyan.

The founders were clear. No foreign influence, no disputed allegiances.

So you think you are free? How is it, that in the last three elections, Natural Born Citizen has been a topic?

McCain. Romney. Obama. Cruz.

The thing is, the folks that are seeking to destroy us, are never tired. They have long foresight. They are like that boy on prom night,,,he knows that if he pushes too hard, it is over.

Carefully, very carefully, they are slippin it too you.

Ted Cruz, has argued and won in front of the Supreme Court, a case that was near and dear to certain members of the nation. And yet, when it comes to his suitability to be President, turns his back on the document he promises to zealously defend.

Ted Cruz is the best weapon the Communists have. Electing him means both parties have turned their back on the Constitution.

Evidently, you should too.


And the Balloon is Fully Inflated

14 Dec

So, now that the Fed is theoretically announcing the impending rise in interest rates, (looks like Wednsday), the Dow, across many sectors, finds itself losing value. Hmm.

Because, the market, historically, has been, an expression of at least 2 things. First is the value of the bricks, mortar and inventory of the entity. Second, there is the value forward, the buy and hope element, that a stock bought will increase in value.

But in this Brave New World of financial manipulations, there has been a third element.

As the Fed has introduced more and more money into the economy, sans the Volker required increase in wealth, (the charter of the Fed, to add dollars as value is created), those smart fellas on K Street traded, via stocks, attempting to harness the fluctuation, yesterdays dollars for todays.

If $1.00 is a buck today, and 100 bucks exist in the system, and the Fed prints 10 more bucks, the stock you bought yesterday for a buck, is now worth a $buck.10. The bricks didn’t change, the mortar is still the same and the inventory, well, it will cost more, because yesterdays dollar has been reduced in value by 10%.

And the fellas on Wall Street know it. The regular easing by the Fed, introducing more dollars while the economy was stagnant, has caused inflation. “They” won’t tell you. You go to the grocery store. You know it.

The real crime is that our leaders hold up this “improving” Stock Market, it’s recovery from the greatest recession of our life time to record highs, as proof of the wisdom of their stewardship.

What it really is, is yet another revelation of our government’s abuse of facts to assuage our fears and lead our fellow lemmings to the cliff.

The Fed is gonna raise interest rates. That is good news. Now, your gonna have to make your own bucks.

So Much Hot Air

1 Dec

I have some wonts.

Inspired as I am, to watch the major news shows, in an attempt to discern the lies, I find myself torn. Against a backdrop of offspring who are wisely choosing not to reproduce and a need to protect, the conflict within rages.

On the one hand, some counsel that one should turn away, all news is bad news, and I only damage my soul. On the other, I hear the voices of the old slave owners scolding me to not give up, that I have a duty to perform, nay, a birthright to protect, nay, an endowment to preserve for future generations.

All of which is lost in the fog of daily bills, taxes, and the untold suffering inflicted on the defenseless animals, from the non rescued puppies to the black unborn, take yer pick.

Today’s fallacies entertain us by construing that an act of aggression against terrorists can be found in the agreeance of nations to do “something” about Global Warming, er.., Climate Change, uhhhhh….Extreme Weather.

Our fearless leader, was recorded in Paris, site of the recent (choose yer demon) terrorist attacks, (where the unarmed were mowed down like baby seals crossing the ice), basically threatening the small under developed nations of the world to take the money, (hundreds of billions) and join the (“it’s hot in here”) club. Sounds like a bust out to me.

And this is where the entertainment comes in.

The “news” broadcast an elucidation by showing smog in Bejing and a city (escapes me) in India. Ground level reporting of an atmospheric concern.

The next story was a blerp from NPR journoactivist David Attenborough, asking us why we would not listen to the paid professionals who have dedicated their lives to understanding this mystery.

And then, the Great Cosmic Communicator, Entertainment Director of Forever and Then Some, scrolled across the bottom of the screen, letting us know that the Pope, ensconced as he is in his embrace of evolution, geologic time lines and social control, was agreeing with the scientists, and that we should follow, the people, the paid professionals, that have dedicated their lives…..you get the point.

First of all, smog is pollution, and is a tactile problem. Obama’s solution is having us shut down our “clean” coal energy plants, equipped with all manner of scrubbers and technology that deliver fossil fuel energy at the least enviromental cost, and to transfer our coal to China, where they are completing coal burning plants at an horrific rate, sans scrubbers. That makes sense if you are concerned about the effect of exhausting fossils upon the geosphere.

I, for one, have posited repeatedly, to any that would listen, (a small smattering to be sure), that we ‘Mericans, have a duty to the planet, to burn every freakin gallon of gasoline that could be produced in our “clean” burning cars, rather than have it burned in the jalopies found throughout the third world.

These petards have done little to sway the terrorists. ISIS is rapidly building a coal fired plant, as we speak, and the Russians have armed their planes and ground forces with air to, and surface to, air missiles, ostensibly to fight a force that has no,,well,,air.

It is working.

So, we have a world leader, whose paradigm is exposed, as it were, in the Alinsky/Piven spasorasms, to be  an osculating mouthpiece for the forces that seek to weaken us, and thereby require that we be transformatized, for our own good.

This is not incompetence. This is sheer brilliance. And I don’t mean Obama. As a mouthpiece, his ability to spew eloquent nonsense is unparalleled. His mind is a vaccuum.  Yah, he sucks.

No, it is his Masters. The ones that selected the African, with no claim to the stain on the planet, to harness the former slaves, to once again lead them to a land where there is no hope for a better lot, where their labor ticket is punched by illegals, and their children’s slaughter is subsidized. I mean really, you people, pick a better role model. Barkley, or LeBron, or even Cosby. As to the latter, at least you know you are gonna get screwed.
Extreme Weather is just the latest in the litany of Grand Designs. To hear Obama slurp it, Final, Urgent, Solutions. Gov’t funded paid professionals are subsidized to study that which is beyond the reach of normal men. The satellites belong to the government, (that used to be us), the super computers belong to the government, (that used to be us), the data belongs to the  government, (that used to be us). The curtain is up, and you and I are not allowed behind it. Just trust us. Ignore our little lies, it is for your own good.

If you think that people aren’t willing to make the most intimate act into public performance, and won’t, in fact,  do absolutely anything for money, check first with Darwin and then with the whores.

None of it matters. Murder is performed every day by paid professionals. Rape, and “life of the mother” is a constant refrain to defend the murder of, (to use the words of one of their own) “the little bastards.”

These are chilling revisitations of horrors, that men far better than any of us, once defeated. Soon, “we” will be blamed, once again for that in which we had no hand other than “?” for this holocaust.

(Take a breath.)
I, though a mixture of unfortunate and fortunate events, was graced with a trip to Germany. I visited several of the historied cities. Some were stoically stained/embellished with the pock marks and monuments of war, Others unabashedly shared the horrors and teaching moments of their past. (Some explained commerce demanded expungement.)  I was struck by an overarching environmental reality. I can’t imagine that the continent, with its noble and ancient past and architecture, as a whole, doesn’t share this affliction.

On the continent hosting the new transfer of wealth over concern for air quality and future generations, the need to control money and energy is gracedby this most recognizable stench.

Sewage and cigarettes.


The Swiss Nature of Obama

9 Nov

Timing is everything. Be it comedy, or politics, the when can be as important as the what.
Unlike the many critics that claim Obama to be a fraud and a failure, the careful observer will note that Team Obama has the deft touch. While the Constitutional infringements continue to shred our beloved documents, the loyal opposition is cowed in the face of Black Lives Mattering, the needs of the Military Industrial Complex and the growing electoral force known as the Government Employees.

Case in point: Lois Lerner, Rep. Cummins (D-MD) and certain members of the Justice Department conspired to silence the electoral muscle of the Tea Party, prior to the 2012 election. The intergovernmental abuse of a political party is the stuff of forced resignations and impeachments, but to the dismay of many, the typical Friday afternoon dump revealed that the Department of Justice would not seek indictments. One would suppose that Double Jeopardy would render any attempt at a subsequent charge moot. The particulars, as laid out in the press, leave many aghast.

As it pertains to Hillary Clinton, there can only be concern. One would hope that FBI Director is a man of morals and a love of country. One would hope the Director is losing sleep, knowing as he does, that Hillary is guilty of crimes that range from using a nonofficial channel for email, ostensibly sharing confidential information with the enemy, signing false State Department documents concerning the disposition and possession of historical documents and probably, lying before Congress.
I didn’t miss it. I doubt he did.
And so at some point, FBI Director Comey will present his damning documentation to AG Lynch. Given that his term will continue into the next administration, competing levels of competence and turpitude will compel him to do the right thing and suggest indictment for crimes against the State.
AG Lynch will have little choice. Either she issues the indictment against Hillary, or risks leaving the heir apparent of the Democrat Party to twist in the wind.

Surely there will be a consult with the White House. Team Obama will have its say. The question will be less about the what, which is unavoidable, but the when.

Indictment before the nomination, or before the election, could be dicey. On one hand, the base may be rallied. On the other, the sleeping center, in love with the “it is time” mentality may finally awaken to the horror.
Indictment after the election would just be downright unseemly. A victorious Clinton would start her term with the stain of indictment, a defeated Clinton, the victim of piling on.

It is these competing scenarios that keep the horologists anxious, measuring the angles and ricochets of the impending indictment. It is these weights and measures that are carefully being synchronized to the measure of history.

Should indictment come too soon, the continuation of the Obama’s third term may be prematurely squelched. Should it come too late, Obama’s choice will be to inflict the horrific charges against a failed loyal partisan.

This much is certain. The clock runs out at the end of Obama’s term. Failure to indict means Hillary will not be pardoned for her crimes. Pardoned for abandonment of post. Pardoned for gun running against the Will of Congress. Pardoned for perjury before Congress and the People.

Failure to indict and pardon will leave Hillary twisting in the wind, a victim of a failure of her people to respond to her horror, leaving her to suffer at the whim of her foe.

Who Ya Gonna Gall?

21 Oct

So Joe Biden is gonna make an announcement at the end of the week about his presidential ambitions. In other words, Joe is in. Why wait, if he is out? What he is waiting for is the denouement of Hillary Clinton, who already, thanks to the patient work of Trey Gowdy may be exposed for the liar that she, Obama and the MSM truly are.
Now we get the drip, drip, drips from the State Department that have exposed the server, the emails (some), the illicit dalliance with Sydney Blumenthal, the perjury performed with her documentation of official documents upon leaving the State Department and several other felonies and crimes.
I wait with baited breath to hear Gowdy ask her, “What did you know and when did you know it?” The revelatory emails exposing the entirety of the fraud committed, the illicit gun running, but especially, the fraudulent Rice assuring us on the post 911 2012 news shows that the murders were caused by a video, when Hillary knew full well the reason for the murder of 4 brave Americans, and instead of owning it, perpetrated a fraud on the American people that weekend, and again in her last testimony before Congress.
But most damning, will be when we learn, that Hillary and Obama knew that while they turned their lines of communication off to avoid damnable evidence and preserving deniable culpability, America’s best were dying and brutalized, alone.
This is America damnit! We don’t leave people to die, to be murdered and raped in the streets of a hell hole, especially when there were options available. (Unless of course you are Bill Clinton, too busy getting your Willy wanked by a child). (I know there are other examples, not in the same vein.)
My hope, my conspiracy theory is that “in the room” Joe Biden has performed his self-serving Patriotic Duty and supplied Gowdy with the death blow, not that Gowdy needs it.
The perjuries that Hillary has committed, whether it be the fraudulent documentation, the exposure of secrets to foreign entities, the self-enriching dealings, the conflicts of interest, but especially the fraudulent testimony given before the House Special Committee on Benghazi, (“What does it matter? “ should be enough to land her in Leavenworth, (or its female equivalent), for life.
Or maybe, it’s not Joe supplying the final nail that will finally send this felon away, maybe it’s Bill.

Changing the Dynamic

17 Oct

Your Ambassador was murdered in an embattled Middle Eastern country whose leader (Gaddafi) you helped depose.

It was a couple of folks out for a walk when a small protest broke out about a video defaming Mohammed. We should prosecute the producer, and limit some speech.

As it turns out, your Ambassador was running guns liberated from Libya (Gaddafi), and ostensibly funneling them thru Turkey to aid the Syrian rebels. You supplied weapons to foreign combatants without the approval of the Congress.

What does it matter?

Well, as it turns out, it matters because the media has perpetrated this fraud, even tilting a presidential debate, and possibly the 2012 presidential election, when in fact, you and O had full knowledge of the events almost immediately, except for the fact that you had your minions shut down your electronic communication devices, to escape culpability, leaving soldiers and ambassadors to be shot and anally raped. And at the behest of a man who was denied a job on your team by your boss, had the National Security Advisor go on all the Sunday Morning News show and lie about it, knowing full well the truth. And while trying to determine, as that famous line from Watergate goes, what you knew and when you knew it, we learned that you have a private server at home to conduct your official business. Why do you have that instead of using the email system as supplied and mandated by the law?

Others have done the same.

Of course. Just wondering why you had that fella fired for violating that exact law.

I am such a techno ninny. How could I possibly be aware of such a thing?

Very well, then we would like to see the emails that you sent that night. You are required by law to preserve all official documents, and to certify that the State Department has possession thereof, and in fact, signed a document, inherent to which is a perjury charge, indicating that you have complied.

I couldn’t possibly. I talked about Chelsea’s wedding and brownies, those are private matters.

Yes, but once you commingle, the privacy is moot.

So am I (hehe)

Ok, well, we are gonna have to see those emails.

I don’t wanna.

But you hafta.

Okay. I have. Here are 55,000 emails. Printed out. In paper and ink.

But you are still missing some 30,000.

Well, two years’ worth of cookies and yoga will generate that.

As it turns out, as you said, the recipients at the State Department have the either sent or received emails. We will get them from there.

Great, at the rate those guys work, you will get like a handful every Friday after the evening news is written. By Monday, who cares?

As it turns out Hillary, we care, we are gonna need to talk to you. Please come by for a chat.

I have been transparent and fully cooperative.

When can you make it?

A week after the first Democrat debate. They wanna see if this old dog can hunt. Besides, odds are that one of the Republicans will say the word Benghazi and I will be able to spin it into an assault on all things America, right before I testify.

Hillary, we got you dead to rights. You have engaged in treasonous behavior, subterfuge, espionage, exposed our secrets to foreign governments and generally enriched yourself at the expense of your citizens and in fact supplied nuclear materials to our enemies while enriching yourself.

Haha, hahahaha.

That is the first honest thing you have said today.

Well, I told you it was the Republican’s fault. Hahahahahahahahahcacklecacklesnor(#pollsterssaythisisworking)hahahah!

The Strange Math of the American Continent

11 Jul

I am a European. Some would say cracker.

Lets call a spade a spade. In review, the folks that would become the Europeans left Africa for a reason. Among the set that contain those reasons are the following:
1) Physically driven out
2) Non competitive for sex or food
3) An inquisitive nature that made the far horizon appealing

So, we, left.

Fast forward through a few millenia, round after round of evolution, and you have the European, who seems to have developed/evolved a skill set that was unecessary on the Mother Continent.

An ability to agricult. A unit based family structure. The list is long.

The written word and a language that could be published and retained and developed and passed across the generations. A literal evolution of the ability to preserve and distribute information, in less than the evolutionary millenia usually required for such epic transformation. An evolution that, rather than waiting for the chemistry to change the molecules, comes about by the willigness to learn and apply.

This is not to say, that equal and similar advances were not reached elsewhere, but the European did it best. Check amongst yourselves and be honest with your answers. Or delude yourself, your choice.

My view, accept it or not.

So here we are, yet another epoch forward. In a world formerly constrained by thrown rocks and carnivores, struggling against the new threats of over population, nuclear contamination or destruction, and ballistics. Equally evolving are the politics.

Our information is contained on beautiful masterpieces of collective cooperation, the majority of it available to all. Salute to the Giants.

And yet, on our continent, which is one of the many being held by the last successful dominator, we find ourself living the lie.

The lie being that every life matters.

Every life does not matter. Darwin would laugh at the thought.

We have evolved to the point, that babies, redefined to irrelevance, can be smote and forgotten at the whim of the mother. An advance? Only in the worlds of dystopian science fiction, or life on Earth, does a mother apply the rules of selection.

The linguistic gymnastics to provide the morality thereof are olympic.

Again, we evolve.

All of this, just to make the point.

Without a doubt, members of every genotypical culture from across the globe have shown the ability to thrive in modern society.

When one views the melting pot that is America, the reward of hard work and perserverance is available to all who apply. The world at large has come here and displayed that ethics and efforts will advance one’s standing.

And yet, the collective “we” remain enslaved by a world that was, in fact still is.

The collective “we” remain enslaved to a past that we did not live.

“We” provided an environment that far exceeds the environment that was left behind.

We ignore the Darwinian implications of providing food, shelter and security to breeders without the skills to provide for themselves.

We are being manipulated into funding the creation of a government dependent breed of animals that are dependable only in their adhesion to the electoral whims of their (and who would have thought this word so apt,) masters.

And in an incredible judgement of the masters, that is that the tended would need to be destroyed, and a replacement found, those masters have brought us virtually unfettered abortion, and are in the process of destroying the border. (There is mayhem involved in the postulation of credible voting.)