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This Crazy Upside Down World

26 Sep

I watched with my usual mixture of disgust and awe as the Secretary of State and master performer Hillary Clinton delivered a scathing appraisal (and this icon of Whitewater knows a little something about appraisals) of the needs of the poor and the failure of the elite to pay more in taxes.

It is an interesting point.

Because in our own country, (USA, USA, USA), the mature civilization that we are, we would never tolerate what these other countries do.  Allowing their militaries to engage in quixotic missions, consuming all revenues paying for the interest on their debt and promising increases in social spending beyond which their GDP can afford.

I mean, in our current electoral menu of Pandorian choices, among those that actually have a chance to win, we have two stalwart leaders of impeccable financial capacity.

On the one hand we have a leader who inherited the worst economy of our life time.  And because the purse strings were cut loose so that the country might live to lead another day, we incurred over a trillion in debt.  Surely a small price to repair all that is great about the United States Economy, allowing us to continue living at the greatest standard of living the world has yet created.  And then, having made those repairs, we find the next year, oh, that we have to borrow virtually the same amount do to overage of spending, (I missed that last economic crisis but I digress).  Hey, beginner’s luck, or lack thereof.  On we travel to the opportunity to return to sanity and we find that yet again, by virtue of continuing resolutions, we have managed to leverage another massive shortfall by borrowing or printing, printing or borrowing another trillion plus. Oh, I see, we are creating the next economic crisis (worst ever).  “Hey, we will get it right the next time!” I suppose so, the economists and the CBO say so.

But no matter, let’s do it one more time and then let the people decide.  Great!

And then we have the other guy.  A master of his domain in the economic maelstrom, that has made a tidy profit cleaning up the capitalistic messes of others.  Arranging financing, reorganization or bankruptcy to fit the needs of the particular entity being addressed at the time.  The man is near genius, but you won’t hear the press give him credit.  Isn’t it interesting, that the one (only one I have heard of) Republican at Harvard, Professor of Economic History Niall Ferguson endorses both Romney and the sale of assets, i.e. roads, bridges and natural resources (oil, coal, natural gas and uranium)? Talk about a man and a time intersecting!

So on one hand you have a guy willing to run up the debt under whatever guise, and on the other, a guy ready to cut up the parts and sell off the pieces.  Conveniently for us, both have the full support of the Federal Reserve, who’s use of the word accommodate has taken on a penal quality.  I have heard the very words come from Bernanke’s mouth, that they will “accommodate” federal policies without question or end.  Great!  So fantastic, that should you care to look at the math you find a million in debt for every man, woman and child in the USA.

Which brings us full circle to Sec. Clinton and the elite.  I have been commenting for some time, that once we become one world, we will find that the dreaded 1% of the wealthiest, against the back drop of the world would be all of us, all the citizens of the USA.  I thought that it was worth a laugh, that all my comrades would find themselves on the receiving end of that which they have been dishing out.

However, as it turns out, it is the fellow living in the sub Saharan, lacking in credit and therefore debt, that will be the richest man on Earth.  And he owes us some entitlements.