Waking Up.

4 Oct

It is 8:16 a.m. in America.  And the nightmare is almost over.  Last night we all watched as Romney, who has run a cautious, careful campaign, pulled back the curtain to reveal two mortals, now locked in a battle for the future and soul of a great nation.

Throw back the truthers, the birthers and the rest of the fringe groups that scream from the edges, the battle in the trenches has been joined and blood has been let.

From virtually the day, or I should say the night that Obama won the majority of delegates in the Democratic Primaries, the financial markets have been reeling from the realization that the United States was not going to be a safe place to make a buck, and the bucks quit being made as capital fled all the American financial markets, not in search of a better deal, but in search of a safe mattress.

Well, last night, the money took a careful look from the confines of the mattress and what it got was a breath of fresh air.

Right now, we await the latest jobs numbers and tomorrow we will have more jobs numbers and none of that matters a bit.  We are now accustomed to the game that is being played there.  Weekly and monthly numbers revised this and that way to make the next batch appear to be more or less to the liking of the current regime.  So who cares what this next batch of fetid cookery smells like?  It matters not.

What does matter is that last night, Mitt Romney showed up and the apparition the press has presented, President Obama did not.  And in the 90 minutes of face to face discussion about the past and future of this great country, Romney showed a positive way forward.

It is morning in America.  There is reason to believe you can make a buck here, once again, and for the first time in slightly less than half a decade stand a chance of keeping it.

The markets are going to take notice.  It’s gonna be a good day Tater.

4 Responses to “Waking Up.”

  1. kshumard October 4, 2012 at 8:40 am #

    Just as a reference point, 8:38 a.m. DJ FUT +54.0, S&P FUT +7.10,,and gold is up 10 bucks, although that will be correcting soon


    • orrensheridan October 4, 2012 at 10:59 am #

      the debate is pointless. what you are recording on the equities market there is a pump and dump in progress, that has been being supported by the fed. the ongoing destruction of the dollar was never even mentioned in a debate about the economy. you dont find that at all a bit strange? obama was chosen by the people who actually decide such things last year to remain in power. those people are behind the destruction of the dollar and massive amounts of money will be made during the current pump and dump in the markets.


      • kshumard October 13, 2012 at 6:59 am #

        Thanks for your comment. I find a lot of things strange. Seems to me like the pump and dump is a process that occurs on the micro and macro scale. From the experts that show up every morning on CNBC et al to spur investment (and trading transactions for the at home trader brokerage houses) and cash flow into the designated stocks of the day, to whoever is pulling Bernanke’s strings, pump and dump is the on going game. I watch these folks take the QE caused inflating of market prices as a growing economy against the same increase in the price of gold and ask myself,,”can they not see?” Well, I do know this, knowing the reality of everything is impossible.
        What else is impossible? To discern the difference between what a politician does to preserve his seat and what a politician does to serve his masters.
        The good news? About the time the Tea Party influenced House took power, and the debt ceiling increase became a fulcrum, real reductions in anticipated growth have slowed. And thereby the ratio of interest payments on the debt relative to the revenues into the Treasury have abated against a stagnating or contracting economy.
        The bad news? Politicians are scrambling to undo the sequestration.
        You hear it in the language of both the major parties.


    • kshumard October 5, 2012 at 10:30 pm #

      Today is Oct 5, 2012, and the Unemployment number came out today at 7.8%. A drop of .3%, just 1 month and 1 day till the next election.


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