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Stand Your Ground

22 Jul

Yeah, sucks doesn’t it?

On one hand, I suppose I find comfort from my perch on the food chain.
On the other, I wonder how it is that my brotharun find it so easy to take when it is them from which so much was taken.

Where is the attempt to learn? I mean, did “we” suffer no indignity?

I watched the trial in as much of it’s entirety as I could. I wanted to remember how freedom was killed, or attempted to be slaughtered.

And she was. Maneuvers and bureaucrats and liars. They all showed up for the clown show and treated us to a spectacle of lies that will not be forgotten.

But what is somewhat horrifying, is the rapidity and full throated swallowing of each aspect of the case.

He got out of his car. The police told him not to. Trayvon was a child. He just wanted to go home.

When at the other end of the spectrum you have a thuggabe who went to the 7-11 to pick up the two parts of his cocktail that were missing for the juice which he was gonna share with his hopefully innocent step brother to be.

You tell me where the truth lies.

And behind all this obfuscation is the true nature of the onslaught.

The attempt by big ole Tyranny, seeking once again to chain the blacks to the yoke of attempting to destroy the greatest experiment on the face of the Earth.

Lincoln used them as he pretended to free them in his successful attempt to destroy the 10th Amendment. We have watched some 150 years of a supposedly limited government take more and more of our sustenance. All in the name of improving our lot.

We now owe more than we are able to repay, and I will be damned If I can tell where the money went.

And the step that is now being inflamed is not equality for blacks. Hell, they feed the frenzy at the abortion clinics on one hand and encourage the importation of a better labor force with the other.

No, the attempt is to disarm us. To make us retreat in the face of evil.

And they are using our supposed hatred of blacks to do it.

Stand Your Ground is not the New Lynching as Toure said on Friday.

It is the American Way.

Now get off your ass and go earn something.


4 Jul

Ya know….I am pretty damn sure….of course everything I know comes through the filter of the media….that Trayvon Martin was up to no good.

Call me a racist, but given certain elements of his well if not documented certainly presented to the public life, I really can’t get behind the “he was an angel” concept. 

At the same time, Zimm’s over exposure of self left himself with little choice, which is why certain cautions are emphasized. 

Like this one, when you call the cops, if you can, wait for them to get there. 

I think Zimm’s desire to quench the burglary episodes of his community, coupled with concern for his wife, and more than a dash or two of hero syndrome compelled him to be less than prudent. 

And a “prudent man” is a part of responsible gun ownership and use. 

As a private citizen, and gun carrier, one must diligently avoid trouble. Protect yourself, protect your family, protect your rights. Call the cops and be ready to help if needed. 

But allowing yourself to get caught up in a disaster helps no one. 

Trayvon is dead. That is unfortunate, and, given the trajectory of his life, given that his parents, who upon his expulsion from school for a series of judgement errors chose to continue to fail to parent, is not surprising. 

Zimm’s life is screwed. Whether guilty or innocent, his future will be under a cloud and a shadow of guilt and pain. 

What he is guilty of for sure, is allowing himself to be put in a position where his options were finite.

And a man with no options has already made up his mind.