4 Jul

Ya know….I am pretty damn sure….of course everything I know comes through the filter of the media….that Trayvon Martin was up to no good.

Call me a racist, but given certain elements of his well if not documented certainly presented to the public life, I really can’t get behind the “he was an angel” concept. 

At the same time, Zimm’s over exposure of self left himself with little choice, which is why certain cautions are emphasized. 

Like this one, when you call the cops, if you can, wait for them to get there. 

I think Zimm’s desire to quench the burglary episodes of his community, coupled with concern for his wife, and more than a dash or two of hero syndrome compelled him to be less than prudent. 

And a “prudent man” is a part of responsible gun ownership and use. 

As a private citizen, and gun carrier, one must diligently avoid trouble. Protect yourself, protect your family, protect your rights. Call the cops and be ready to help if needed. 

But allowing yourself to get caught up in a disaster helps no one. 

Trayvon is dead. That is unfortunate, and, given the trajectory of his life, given that his parents, who upon his expulsion from school for a series of judgement errors chose to continue to fail to parent, is not surprising. 

Zimm’s life is screwed. Whether guilty or innocent, his future will be under a cloud and a shadow of guilt and pain. 

What he is guilty of for sure, is allowing himself to be put in a position where his options were finite.

And a man with no options has already made up his mind.

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