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Hey, I Am Terrorized!

8 Aug

Ya know, I am sick of the gov’t saying the one thing and doing the other. Take the War on Terror for instance. Now, if that was a WWF character, he would take his name and inflict it on every son of a bitch that dared to step into the ring.

Now we have ¬†Embassy shut downs. Who looks like the scaredey cat? We get two camel humpers with cell phones, cuz, evidently they did not get the memo, talking about jihad just like 2nd amendmenteers talk about 1776, and the thoroughly tenderized administration removes the beacons of freedom (or what should be) from the hottest spot on the globe. (See? We’re proactive. That’s leadership!)

What happened to “you leave me alone and I leave you alone and it’s cool til you dick with me and force me to put yer eyes out?”

It’s a War on Terror alright.

I remember being in a huge walkway with bison. Walking behind them, calmly moving them in the direction I wanted them to go. Some dumbass came out of the targeted barn, waved his hand in the air and screamed,¬†“Bring em here!”

I already knew that.

But the bison, who were only moving away from my gentlest of pressure, were suddenly assaulted by a man waving his arm and yelling. Thanks buddy.

When you are 20 years old, 180#, and a herd of 13 bison are thundering your way, the fences are too tight to climb, too narrow to escape and the herd is coming upon you, quickly, you focus.

Fear focuses the mind. And you become very, very brave.

From deep inside you comes the strength to push aside your fear and run full tilt toward the oncoming traffic. And head for the one in front. And he will see, and when he does he will flinch. He ain’t afeared. He’s just gettin his trajectory worked out. And so right when he commences with his bluff, you let it affect you not at all. You just keep charging. And when his pause and his feint which are wired into his DNA to move you fail to evoke a hesitant response on your part, the big bison goes to his next level of instinct. “RUN!”

Why are we pulling out of our embassies?

To borrow from “Breaking Bad,” shouldn’t we be “the Terror?”

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just let the Marines have their bullets?