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Learning to Fly

2 Feb

Much as I hate to say it, evidently Homeslice can be taught.

Oh, you will never get him to admit it. His haughty jaw can only drop so low. Current events point to the fact that what was a blatant error is being turned to victory.

But why the subterfuge?

First, the lesson. BO removed most of the troops from Bush’s favored combat zones, Iraq and Afghanistan. He immediately watched his former favorite Bush applause whippers return to the Islamic dystopia that is their natural state, sans jackass dictator to keep the sheetheads in line.

Second. Given the geographicality of Iraq and Afghanistan, basically separated by Iran, and the inability of BO to influence Iran’s nuclear ambitions, other than to say, OK, one may get an inkling of the actual truth that was too obscure for America to support. “Uh, yeah. We are gonna load almost a quarter million troops around Iran to prevent them from launching.”

My Dad used to love telling me about the B-52s circling Moscow just outside Soviet Air Space, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, pretending to hide in plain sight, lest whichever Soviet leader see an opening to loose the big one. “Is today the day?” “No, comrade, today is not the day.”

For the entirety of my youth, it worked. The nightmare never came.

And so now, President Obama is working a two, maybe three pronged attack, proving that he can learn, to which I say, “Atta boy!”

The initial part of the strategy involved revitalizing the former blue light that Bush had carefully created, inviting, luring, drawing every radical that wanted to die in the name of Mohammed to Syria. Yeah, the ambassador and the other three brave Americans were but cheese on the trap. In one fell swoop, Obama enabled a new force of Terror, probably armed it, (apologies to the Iraquis who were blamed for arming ISIS, a necessary fib, given that America’s hands would be dirty if caught loading the ISIS trucks from a Libyan ship in a Turkish harbor.)

The next piece involved removing American troops from all fields of fire for at least a moment. And he did that, with just a little overlap as the troops leaving Afghanistan passed the troops coming back to Iraq, but it was only 1300 or so.

Third, it was necessary to get the magnet working. You know the one. The one that Traitor Secretary Kerry revealed in the election, “a magnet drawing radical islamojihadists to the fray..”

And so, there is what is left of Libya, an enemy in Syria, more fascists than one could find in Europe, and a recalcitrant member of the league of nations, Iran, flirting with a nuclear weapon, capable of reaching beyond Israel, by a factor of continental calibrations.

All this time, willingly posing as an impotent fool, losing this battle and that, yielding turf once purchased by blood, sweat and tears, providing cover to allow the pieces to assemble and be made ready.

10,000 more troops have been sent. Maybe as bait. Maybe as a further destruction of the American Military requiring undocumented soldiers to refill the ranks, making that whole Boston Harbor Deux possible as he continues to transform America.

So, here is how it goes. The jihadists will continue to coagulate. Obama will continue to drone them, being careful to manage the population such that it continues to increase in size. (It’s analogous to “reeling em in”) And lastly, convince Bibi of three things.

1.) That the Iranians have in fact gotten their trigger from Russia, as promised.
2.) The Iron Dome will deflect/disarm/destroy any incoming missiles.
3.) The time is now.

A subsequent back door lovers phone call to the mullahs, convincing them that an attack was imminent, and our problems are over. Including those biblically difficult problems, the Jews.

And all this time I thought Obama was a Communist.