Who Ya Gonna Gall?

21 Oct

So Joe Biden is gonna make an announcement at the end of the week about his presidential ambitions. In other words, Joe is in. Why wait, if he is out? What he is waiting for is the denouement of Hillary Clinton, who already, thanks to the patient work of Trey Gowdy may be exposed for the liar that she, Obama and the MSM truly are.
Now we get the drip, drip, drips from the State Department that have exposed the server, the emails (some), the illicit dalliance with Sydney Blumenthal, the perjury performed with her documentation of official documents upon leaving the State Department and several other felonies and crimes.
I wait with baited breath to hear Gowdy ask her, “What did you know and when did you know it?” The revelatory emails exposing the entirety of the fraud committed, the illicit gun running, but especially, the fraudulent Rice assuring us on the post 911 2012 news shows that the murders were caused by a video, when Hillary knew full well the reason for the murder of 4 brave Americans, and instead of owning it, perpetrated a fraud on the American people that weekend, and again in her last testimony before Congress.
But most damning, will be when we learn, that Hillary and Obama knew that while they turned their lines of communication off to avoid damnable evidence and preserving deniable culpability, America’s best were dying and brutalized, alone.
This is America damnit! We don’t leave people to die, to be murdered and raped in the streets of a hell hole, especially when there were options available. (Unless of course you are Bill Clinton, too busy getting your Willy wanked by a child). (I know there are other examples, not in the same vein.)
My hope, my conspiracy theory is that “in the room” Joe Biden has performed his self-serving Patriotic Duty and supplied Gowdy with the death blow, not that Gowdy needs it.
The perjuries that Hillary has committed, whether it be the fraudulent documentation, the exposure of secrets to foreign entities, the self-enriching dealings, the conflicts of interest, but especially the fraudulent testimony given before the House Special Committee on Benghazi, (“What does it matter? “ should be enough to land her in Leavenworth, (or its female equivalent), for life.
Or maybe, it’s not Joe supplying the final nail that will finally send this felon away, maybe it’s Bill.

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