The Swiss Nature of Obama

9 Nov

Timing is everything. Be it comedy, or politics, the when can be as important as the what.
Unlike the many critics that claim Obama to be a fraud and a failure, the careful observer will note that Team Obama has the deft touch. While the Constitutional infringements continue to shred our beloved documents, the loyal opposition is cowed in the face of Black Lives Mattering, the needs of the Military Industrial Complex and the growing electoral force known as the Government Employees.

Case in point: Lois Lerner, Rep. Cummins (D-MD) and certain members of the Justice Department conspired to silence the electoral muscle of the Tea Party, prior to the 2012 election. The intergovernmental abuse of a political party is the stuff of forced resignations and impeachments, but to the dismay of many, the typical Friday afternoon dump revealed that the Department of Justice would not seek indictments. One would suppose that Double Jeopardy would render any attempt at a subsequent charge moot. The particulars, as laid out in the press, leave many aghast.

As it pertains to Hillary Clinton, there can only be concern. One would hope that FBI Director is a man of morals and a love of country. One would hope the Director is losing sleep, knowing as he does, that Hillary is guilty of crimes that range from using a nonofficial channel for email, ostensibly sharing confidential information with the enemy, signing false State Department documents concerning the disposition and possession of historical documents and probably, lying before Congress.
I didn’t miss it. I doubt he did.
And so at some point, FBI Director Comey will present his damning documentation to AG Lynch. Given that his term will continue into the next administration, competing levels of competence and turpitude will compel him to do the right thing and suggest indictment for crimes against the State.
AG Lynch will have little choice. Either she issues the indictment against Hillary, or risks leaving the heir apparent of the Democrat Party to twist in the wind.

Surely there will be a consult with the White House. Team Obama will have its say. The question will be less about the what, which is unavoidable, but the when.

Indictment before the nomination, or before the election, could be dicey. On one hand, the base may be rallied. On the other, the sleeping center, in love with the “it is time” mentality may finally awaken to the horror.
Indictment after the election would just be downright unseemly. A victorious Clinton would start her term with the stain of indictment, a defeated Clinton, the victim of piling on.

It is these competing scenarios that keep the horologists anxious, measuring the angles and ricochets of the impending indictment. It is these weights and measures that are carefully being synchronized to the measure of history.

Should indictment come too soon, the continuation of the Obama’s third term may be prematurely squelched. Should it come too late, Obama’s choice will be to inflict the horrific charges against a failed loyal partisan.

This much is certain. The clock runs out at the end of Obama’s term. Failure to indict means Hillary will not be pardoned for her crimes. Pardoned for abandonment of post. Pardoned for gun running against the Will of Congress. Pardoned for perjury before Congress and the People.

Failure to indict and pardon will leave Hillary twisting in the wind, a victim of a failure of her people to respond to her horror, leaving her to suffer at the whim of her foe.

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