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I See Red People

31 Mar

The Template.

Pick a problem.
Like say Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen.

Obscure the problem.
Like say, the fact (still unconvinced but..for the sake of argument) that Obama was born here, with phonied birth certificates and clandestine visits to birth records in London, (Kenya was a subject of England…on and on)..

Throw gas on the fire..
yer a racist

While all the time, the real object is that
Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen

Because where is not as important as who…
Who are your parents?
A girl not of age per statute,
aaaaand a Kenyan.

The founders were clear. No foreign influence, no disputed allegiances.

So you think you are free? How is it, that in the last three elections, Natural Born Citizen has been a topic?

McCain. Romney. Obama. Cruz.

The thing is, the folks that are seeking to destroy us, are never tired. They have long foresight. They are like that boy on prom night,,,he knows that if he pushes too hard, it is over.

Carefully, very carefully, they are slippin it too you.

Ted Cruz, has argued and won in front of the Supreme Court, a case that was near and dear to certain members of the nation. And yet, when it comes to his suitability to be President, turns his back on the document he promises to zealously defend.

Ted Cruz is the best weapon the Communists have. Electing him means both parties have turned their back on the Constitution.

Evidently, you should too.