Your Place on the Couch

19 Jan

I admit. I am intrigued by rabbit holes. Some are just that, rabbit holes. Others are carefully constructed intrusions, focused vacuums that are broadcast like intelligent seines in the rivers of the social media.

Setting aside for the moment, the usual cautions about “who’s watching the watchers,” I’d like to share a story. The memes may be changed to protect the innocent, and that is me, I am innocent.

I was, wasting time as usual, making wise ass remarks to people I don’t know, but whose arrogance I found as a personal affront, (the good news here is that I have evolved (to completely colloquially abuse my favorite word)) allowing myself to be engaged by all comers.

And so it was when I was PMed by a fella that claimed a military pedigree and a knowledge of “things” that would blow my mind. Always one for a good mind blowing, I agreed to call the number he provided and so began our little chat.

Aside: For some time now, I have been pondering the new friends that show up. Often there is an agreement, and then shortly, almost predictably, the tenements of my arguments tangentialize into extrapolations that bear little resemblance to my postures. Hmmm.

Our conversation started out simple enough, “cut taxes, reduce bureaucracy, states rights, dark side of the moon military bases.”


“Oh yeah, balanced budget, free speech, separation of church and state, subterranean aliens.”

“Yo-k, I gotta go.”

“Ok Lehman, I will let you go, but before I do, let me ask you one more question. Have you ever thought about [and I am not going to breathe the words because it is horrific, and yes, I have thought about it]?”


My blood ran cold. Not because I was found out, but because a potential terror threat was obvious to someone other than me, and they were looking for terrorists, and somehow, my political rants had earned their recognition.

On one hand, I am glad this obvious disaster is on somebody’s radar, on the other, I have not noticed anyone placing appropriate prophylactics.

There are others.

I go about my days with the usual struggles, roof, food, family and taxes. Occasionally I wonder what I will feel if one of my imagined foretold preventable disasters occur, and the acceptance of my own impotence, to have seen the danger but to have no audience for my cry of “Fire!”

My closest counsel would tell me to not waste my time. And quote the old serenity prayer, and suggest that I chose. I should, except that…

Barak Obama refuses to say the words Islam and Terrorist in the same sentence. He prefers the euphemisms like Violent Extremists, and promises fresh legislation. The Media is relating stories of criminals that appear to be Muslims in Germany and France, Belgium and Great Britain. Today we are hearing stories of individuals arrested domestically, (right here in Southwest Ohio) with links to Syria et al, bearing the look of every other throat slashing bomb wearing sycophant kidnapping in the name of God murderer that has graced the tube of late.

BO postures himself as the savior of one of the oldest religions on Earth. Defender of the faith, can you imagine?

BO is couching the terms, blending the features, creating synapses where none exist. He and the “they” (creators of BO and the rest of the destroyers) like to position a provable with a wish. Evolution with Global Warming, a theory as plain as your face with one proven by “tricks” and satellite info as delivered by political appointees.. Capitalism with Unemployment, as though both will grow the economy.

BO is saving Terrorism, not for Islamofascists, but for the owners of the millions of guns that are kept for the most American of liberties. The wresting of ourselves from tyranny, in whatever form it is found.

BO is preparing us for the removal of the Second Amendment, and with it the First.

The keepers of the faith that is liberty, are about to find themselves labeled as Violent Extremists. Yeah. Homegrown Domestic Terrorists.

I mean, why would you have a gun, if you did not plan on it’s use?

What If You Built It?

13 Jan

As a man (or woman) moves through his life, he creates a wake in the tide with his movement, or lives in a pond, filling with silt and going nowhere.

We have witnessed the spectacle of jihadists creating a tsunami of waves as they murdered editorialists, rearmed the gendarmes and put Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu within a bitch slap of  Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas.

We witnessed some 40 world leaders walk arm in arm in an act of defiance toward the cowards that come under mask and gun to stop the mighty pen.

I have to admit, I wondered, “Where is my President?”

“Where is Attorney General Holder? Was he not just there?”

“Where is Joe Biden or Secretary Kerry?”

I gave weight to the short time frame, (but BO can go from beheadings to golf in 8 minutes or less), the security issue, (what, BO would be a bigger target than BeBe?) and the brilliant bright white that is Barak Obama eclipsing the other world leaders.

And then it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe BO is pissed because his drones are the only ones currently killing innocent and evil in the Middle East and environs.


But as I scanned the Cumbaya 40, a different “what if” occurred to me.

Would Blair or Thatcher not have called Bush or Reagan, to see when they could get together, before or after? Would Arafat not have reached out to Albright for some furthering review? You know they would, have.

And so how is it, that the smartest man ever to occupy the office, that just happens to be black, the Marvin Gay channeling King of Cool, was left uninvited, unaware and unwanted at the biggest (political) show of force that I or the world has ever seen?

Life, of those not wanting to be hermits, is lived through connections. Politics is sustained by the same. To be led by a leader with no interest in maintaining the alliances that have made the world what it is should give one pause.

Does BO know he is isolated? Does he know he is evoking Jimmy Carter’s retreat to the Rose Garden? Does he care?

Is he just satisfied that his imprint on the world stage, the unseating of the political leaderships of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and the rest, is a sufficient legacy? And now it is time to loose his disruptive philosophy of Hope and Change on the Homeland?

Or is he truly the small ball in tall weeds, too in love with himself to realize that his beloved blackness was just a demographic tool utilized again by the destroyers of individual self actualization?

Whether he knows it or not, one thing is clear. Thanks to Barak Obama, we, and he, find the collective ourselves, alone.

Hey, I Am Terrorized!

8 Aug

Ya know, I am sick of the gov’t saying the one thing and doing the other. Take the War on Terror for instance. Now, if that was a WWF character, he would take his name and inflict it on every son of a bitch that dared to step into the ring.

Now we have  Embassy shut downs. Who looks like the scaredey cat? We get two camel humpers with cell phones, cuz, evidently they did not get the memo, talking about jihad just like 2nd amendmenteers talk about 1776, and the thoroughly tenderized administration removes the beacons of freedom (or what should be) from the hottest spot on the globe. (See? We’re proactive. That’s leadership!)

What happened to “you leave me alone and I leave you alone and it’s cool til you dick with me and force me to put yer eyes out?”

It’s a War on Terror alright.

I remember being in a huge walkway with bison. Walking behind them, calmly moving them in the direction I wanted them to go. Some dumbass came out of the targeted barn, waved his hand in the air and screamed, “Bring em here!”

I already knew that.

But the bison, who were only moving away from my gentlest of pressure, were suddenly assaulted by a man waving his arm and yelling. Thanks buddy.

When you are 20 years old, 180#, and a herd of 13 bison are thundering your way, the fences are too tight to climb, too narrow to escape and the herd is coming upon you, quickly, you focus.

Fear focuses the mind. And you become very, very brave.

From deep inside you comes the strength to push aside your fear and run full tilt toward the oncoming traffic. And head for the one in front. And he will see, and when he does he will flinch. He ain’t afeared. He’s just gettin his trajectory worked out. And so right when he commences with his bluff, you let it affect you not at all. You just keep charging. And when his pause and his feint which are wired into his DNA to move you fail to evoke a hesitant response on your part, the big bison goes to his next level of instinct. “RUN!”

Why are we pulling out of our embassies?

To borrow from “Breaking Bad,” shouldn’t we be “the Terror?”

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just let the Marines have their bullets?

Stand Your Ground

22 Jul

Yeah, sucks doesn’t it?

On one hand, I suppose I find comfort from my perch on the food chain.
On the other, I wonder how it is that my brotharun find it so easy to take when it is them from which so much was taken.

Where is the attempt to learn? I mean, did “we” suffer no indignity?

I watched the trial in as much of it’s entirety as I could. I wanted to remember how freedom was killed, or attempted to be slaughtered.

And she was. Maneuvers and bureaucrats and liars. They all showed up for the clown show and treated us to a spectacle of lies that will not be forgotten.

But what is somewhat horrifying, is the rapidity and full throated swallowing of each aspect of the case.

He got out of his car. The police told him not to. Trayvon was a child. He just wanted to go home.

When at the other end of the spectrum you have a thuggabe who went to the 7-11 to pick up the two parts of his cocktail that were missing for the juice which he was gonna share with his hopefully innocent step brother to be.

You tell me where the truth lies.

And behind all this obfuscation is the true nature of the onslaught.

The attempt by big ole Tyranny, seeking once again to chain the blacks to the yoke of attempting to destroy the greatest experiment on the face of the Earth.

Lincoln used them as he pretended to free them in his successful attempt to destroy the 10th Amendment. We have watched some 150 years of a supposedly limited government take more and more of our sustenance. All in the name of improving our lot.

We now owe more than we are able to repay, and I will be damned If I can tell where the money went.

And the step that is now being inflamed is not equality for blacks. Hell, they feed the frenzy at the abortion clinics on one hand and encourage the importation of a better labor force with the other.

No, the attempt is to disarm us. To make us retreat in the face of evil.

And they are using our supposed hatred of blacks to do it.

Stand Your Ground is not the New Lynching as Toure said on Friday.

It is the American Way.

Now get off your ass and go earn something.


4 Jul

Ya know….I am pretty damn sure….of course everything I know comes through the filter of the media….that Trayvon Martin was up to no good.

Call me a racist, but given certain elements of his well if not documented certainly presented to the public life, I really can’t get behind the “he was an angel” concept. 

At the same time, Zimm’s over exposure of self left himself with little choice, which is why certain cautions are emphasized. 

Like this one, when you call the cops, if you can, wait for them to get there. 

I think Zimm’s desire to quench the burglary episodes of his community, coupled with concern for his wife, and more than a dash or two of hero syndrome compelled him to be less than prudent. 

And a “prudent man” is a part of responsible gun ownership and use. 

As a private citizen, and gun carrier, one must diligently avoid trouble. Protect yourself, protect your family, protect your rights. Call the cops and be ready to help if needed. 

But allowing yourself to get caught up in a disaster helps no one. 

Trayvon is dead. That is unfortunate, and, given the trajectory of his life, given that his parents, who upon his expulsion from school for a series of judgement errors chose to continue to fail to parent, is not surprising. 

Zimm’s life is screwed. Whether guilty or innocent, his future will be under a cloud and a shadow of guilt and pain. 

What he is guilty of for sure, is allowing himself to be put in a position where his options were finite.

And a man with no options has already made up his mind.

Waking Up.

4 Oct

It is 8:16 a.m. in America.  And the nightmare is almost over.  Last night we all watched as Romney, who has run a cautious, careful campaign, pulled back the curtain to reveal two mortals, now locked in a battle for the future and soul of a great nation.

Throw back the truthers, the birthers and the rest of the fringe groups that scream from the edges, the battle in the trenches has been joined and blood has been let.

From virtually the day, or I should say the night that Obama won the majority of delegates in the Democratic Primaries, the financial markets have been reeling from the realization that the United States was not going to be a safe place to make a buck, and the bucks quit being made as capital fled all the American financial markets, not in search of a better deal, but in search of a safe mattress.

Well, last night, the money took a careful look from the confines of the mattress and what it got was a breath of fresh air.

Right now, we await the latest jobs numbers and tomorrow we will have more jobs numbers and none of that matters a bit.  We are now accustomed to the game that is being played there.  Weekly and monthly numbers revised this and that way to make the next batch appear to be more or less to the liking of the current regime.  So who cares what this next batch of fetid cookery smells like?  It matters not.

What does matter is that last night, Mitt Romney showed up and the apparition the press has presented, President Obama did not.  And in the 90 minutes of face to face discussion about the past and future of this great country, Romney showed a positive way forward.

It is morning in America.  There is reason to believe you can make a buck here, once again, and for the first time in slightly less than half a decade stand a chance of keeping it.

The markets are going to take notice.  It’s gonna be a good day Tater.

This Crazy Upside Down World

26 Sep

I watched with my usual mixture of disgust and awe as the Secretary of State and master performer Hillary Clinton delivered a scathing appraisal (and this icon of Whitewater knows a little something about appraisals) of the needs of the poor and the failure of the elite to pay more in taxes.

It is an interesting point.

Because in our own country, (USA, USA, USA), the mature civilization that we are, we would never tolerate what these other countries do.  Allowing their militaries to engage in quixotic missions, consuming all revenues paying for the interest on their debt and promising increases in social spending beyond which their GDP can afford.

I mean, in our current electoral menu of Pandorian choices, among those that actually have a chance to win, we have two stalwart leaders of impeccable financial capacity.

On the one hand we have a leader who inherited the worst economy of our life time.  And because the purse strings were cut loose so that the country might live to lead another day, we incurred over a trillion in debt.  Surely a small price to repair all that is great about the United States Economy, allowing us to continue living at the greatest standard of living the world has yet created.  And then, having made those repairs, we find the next year, oh, that we have to borrow virtually the same amount do to overage of spending, (I missed that last economic crisis but I digress).  Hey, beginner’s luck, or lack thereof.  On we travel to the opportunity to return to sanity and we find that yet again, by virtue of continuing resolutions, we have managed to leverage another massive shortfall by borrowing or printing, printing or borrowing another trillion plus. Oh, I see, we are creating the next economic crisis (worst ever).  “Hey, we will get it right the next time!” I suppose so, the economists and the CBO say so.

But no matter, let’s do it one more time and then let the people decide.  Great!

And then we have the other guy.  A master of his domain in the economic maelstrom, that has made a tidy profit cleaning up the capitalistic messes of others.  Arranging financing, reorganization or bankruptcy to fit the needs of the particular entity being addressed at the time.  The man is near genius, but you won’t hear the press give him credit.  Isn’t it interesting, that the one (only one I have heard of) Republican at Harvard, Professor of Economic History Niall Ferguson endorses both Romney and the sale of assets, i.e. roads, bridges and natural resources (oil, coal, natural gas and uranium)? Talk about a man and a time intersecting!

So on one hand you have a guy willing to run up the debt under whatever guise, and on the other, a guy ready to cut up the parts and sell off the pieces.  Conveniently for us, both have the full support of the Federal Reserve, who’s use of the word accommodate has taken on a penal quality.  I have heard the very words come from Bernanke’s mouth, that they will “accommodate” federal policies without question or end.  Great!  So fantastic, that should you care to look at the math you find a million in debt for every man, woman and child in the USA.

Which brings us full circle to Sec. Clinton and the elite.  I have been commenting for some time, that once we become one world, we will find that the dreaded 1% of the wealthiest, against the back drop of the world would be all of us, all the citizens of the USA.  I thought that it was worth a laugh, that all my comrades would find themselves on the receiving end of that which they have been dishing out.

However, as it turns out, it is the fellow living in the sub Saharan, lacking in credit and therefore debt, that will be the richest man on Earth.  And he owes us some entitlements.